How to be able to travel for free

For many travel enthusiasts the real dream would be to work traveling . actually there are some jobs that allow you to travel without spending anything : in fact, sometimes the job forces you to travel to the most beautiful places in the world, earning.

The myth of who can afford to work while traveling is not so contemporary, and it probably started several years ago. Many people have exploited for years the opportunity to work as a boy or an au pair , visiting so many places at almost zero cost. This experience consists in moving for a period to a foreign city, to work at home for the host family. It is about doing household chores, or keeping the children in exchange for food and lodging.

Of course this kind of perspective does not allow you to travel all year round, and in any case you need the resources to stay weeks in a city far from home, even if food and accommodation are already paid. If you really want to work you can scrape up liquids by collecting the fruit . The trip must be paid from your own pocket, but the harvest in Australia or the orange harvest in California can yield enough money for food and lodging.

The fruit collector work is often very hard and often does not allow you to take advantage of the free days while having fun and visiting the host country. In recent years a new professional figure is spreading: the travel blogger . He goes around the world telling his experiences on the blog he had in the various countries visited. Clearly you need a good familiarity with the internet and writing and at least the first trips will be paid with other types of resources.

The photography enthusiasts can take advantage of the image of a beautiful journey to distant lands to sell and finance the next stages. Of course you need to be good with the camera and have a good basic equipment. It could also be an idea to take a photography course, in order to maximize sold images.

Those with artistic skills can also hope to find work in distant theaters, in order to travel the world thanks to their skills. If you can not get an engagement you can always try to raise a few euros as a street artist , certainly it takes a good budget, however, as sustenance in the event of failure.

How to travel the world, spending as little as possible

The dream of every self-respecting traveler is to travel around the world spending as little as possible .

Since there is internet to show photos and videos of incredible places, apparently close at hand, the desire to leave everything and leave has become even stronger. But then you have to deal with the budget and with the bills to pay and the suitcase is immediately placed in the closet. How, then, to travel the world spending as little as possible?

The first thing to do, of course, is to choose an economic destination . Instead of planning a holiday in the Norwegian fjords, you could buy a motorcycle and travel around India. Asia is an extraordinary continent, rich in culture and beauty and the most exciting thing is that these wonders are accessible almost to everyone. Countries like Nepal, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka or Chinaallow you to spend whole months spending just over $ 15 a day.

The same is true for Central America : Guatemala, Nicaragua and Salvador are among the cheapest countries to spend time.

Another way to travel cheaply is to work in the places you visit . Of course, finding a temporary job is not easy but, for example, if you are a digital nomad and offer services via the internet, you can earn and travel simultaneously .

And then there is the Woofing , the program that allows you to work in the countryside in exchange for food and lodging . By subscribing to the WWOOF website and paying $ 40, you join the network that connects manpower and farmers all over the world, willing to work at a farm in exchange for food and lodging. This is a way to travel to countries like Canada, Australia, the United States or Europe, where the cost of living is certainly higher .

Even the Coachsurfing is a way to travel without breaking the bank. Through this program, people make available a bed or sofa in their own home for the other members of the site. This is also a way to get in touch with the locals and experience the culture of a foreign country from within.

Then there is the Housesitting : in practice, we take care of a person’s house while it is away. Also in this case, accommodation is free and the cost of the holiday becomes really low.

Another solution to get around the world at low cost is to buy a camper , for adventure lovers, fun is guaranteed.

Then there are some simple rules to follow each time you travel: choose cheap entertainment , save money on food and take advantage of the many free attractions.